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    Schedule for Week 7 - March 20th here

    Week 6 tie breaker results are here

    8-Ball Tournament Qualifiers
    The 8-Ball Tournament Qualifiers have been scheduled. There is a one-time entry fee of $25. Qualifiers are open to all league members in good standing. The grid is done by random draw and is a race to two, single elimination. The top two players from each Qualifier move on to the Tournament.

    Tournament is a race to three, double elimination. Cash prizes to the top four finalists: 1st – $100, 2nd – $75, 3rd – $50, 4th – $25. Plaque to winner.

    Upcoming Qualifiers:
    Qualifier #5 - Saturday, March 24 -- Rocks Den - Sign-Ups at 3:15 p.m. THIS IS A CHANGE! Play starts at 4:00 p.m.
    Qualifier #6 - Thursday, March 29 -- Pilsner Inn - Sign-Ups at 6:30 p.m. Play starts at 7:00 p.m.
    Qualifier #7 - Saturday, April 7 -- Route 101 - Sign-Ups at 11:15 a.m. Play starts at noon.
    Qualifier #8 - Saturday, April 14 -- Mix - Sign-Ups at 11:15 a.m. Play starts at noon.
    8-Ball Tournament - Saturday, April 21 -- Jillian's - Practice at 11:00 a.m. Play starts at noon.

    Crystal Kelem - Café Strikes Again
    Nick Lansdown - Golden Slate Warriors
    Josh Maldonado - Route 101 Rawhides
    Mike Maxwell - Route 101 Rawhides
    Thayer McDougle - Lucky Horseshoe Caballeros
    Stern Montoya - 4 Eyed Eagle
    Mike Romano - Smoke & Rumors
    Isaac Wong - Cinch Phoenix

    Chris Kline - The Black Willows
    Mikki Paull - Wicked Bitches of the West
    Joan Pettijohn - Pilsner Innmates
    Radley Roberts - The Cinch Pack
    Tony Tully - 4 Eyed Eagle

    Congratulations to the Winners of Luby Invitational Tournament

    Isaac Wong - First Place
    Julien Roeser - Second Place
    Jerry Ervin - Third Place

    Thanks to all who came out to play. Thanks, also, to Stern, Crystal and Thayer for coaching.

    Scoresheet submitting
    Please do not forget to input your scores into our regular site (right here), as well, if you have volunteered to use one of our beta options. We appreciate that you are eager to try the new ways, but as you can see, nothing but this site is actually cemented yet, and we are still beta testing in the others.
    I have now received the (LAST) names I need, all of the players are in the database. There should be no issues with missing players and the process should go as usual. Please remember, no new players will be entered without a last name.

    ** West Coast Challenge 76 Results **

    Congratulations to the winners of the 76th West Coast Challenge in Long Beach on January 5-7, 2018.

    ** Team **
    "Brook's Team" (LB)
    Brook Thomason, Captain
    Nicolas Downey
    Tom H. Downey, Jr.
    Teofilo Moe, Jr.
    Rob Molina
    Tommy Punzalan

    ** Individuals **
    1st - Malisa Mapu (LA)
    2nd - Jerry Byrne (LB)
    3rd - Jeramy Staton (SD)
    4th - Siva Bodapati (LA)
    5th - Robert Trucios (LB)
    6th - Gabriel Rodriguez (LA)
    7th - Pauley Pace (SD)
    8th - Skinner Castagnola-Arteaga (SF)

    ** Women **
    1st - Lauren Ward (LB)
    2nd - Gina Zide (SD)
    3rd - Crystal Kelem (SF)
    4th - Janet Murray-Roberts (LB)

    ** Hi-Lo Team **
    Ron Rafael/Ray Brewer (LA)

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    Vice President : Thayer McDougle
    Secretary : Joan Pettijohn
    Treasurer : Erik Proctor
    Head Referee : Stern Montoya, Anthony Hydron
    At-Large : Gerlie Mendoza, Troy Brunet
    Stats & Webmaster : Michelle Hironimus

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