WCC Winners

Congratulations to the Winners of WCC 78

#keepstroking (LB)
Tom H. Downey, Jr., captain
Nicholas Downey
Christina (Xtina) Garcia
Teofilo Moe, Jr.
Tommy Punzalan
Brook Thomason

Hi-Lo Team
Tom Seymour/Nick Lansdown (SF)

1st – Joina Liao (SF)
2nd – Crystal Kelem (SF
3rd – Melissa Schulz (LB)
4th – Flavia Ribas (SD)

Open Individuals
1st – Erik Chacon (LB)
2nd – Ernie Elliott (SD)
3rd – Skinner Castagnola-Arteaga (SF)
4th – Allan Badillo (SD)
5th – Jim Neale (SF)
6th – Henry Guardado (LB)
7th – Lauren Ward (LB)
8th – Christi Ross (SD)

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