Sample Ballot

See below the sample ballot for next week’s election. You will be sent a link in email this Sunday evening, April 14th. Use this link to access our official ballot and please vote. If you do not receive the link on Sunday, that means we do not have your email address. In that case, please contact Joan Pettijohn, at with your current email address and I will get the link to you. The survey will be closed on Wednesday night.

1. Who is your choice for SFPA Board President?
Joan Pettijohn, Cinch Pack
` Erik Proctor, Cafeholics

2. Who is your choice for SFPA Board Secretary?
Jerry Ervin, Café Strikes Again

3. Who is your choice for SFPA Co-Head Referee
Stern Montoya, Ice Willows
Skip Perry, Tandy Tokers
Nick Lansdown, Lucky Horseshoe Caballeros

4. Who is your choice for SFPA Member-at-Large?
Troy Brunet, Hole in the Wall Bangers

5. What is your choice for Best Host Bar?
Dovre Club
Harry Harrington’s
Hole in the Wall
Lone Star
Lucky Horseshoe
Naked Lunch
Pilsner Inn
Route 101
Slate Bar
The Café
The Cinch
Napper Tandy
Wild Side West

6. Who is your choice for the Jim Tingle Sportsmanship Award? This is awarded each season to a league member who has consistently exhibited a good sporting attitude. (League nominations; Board vote)
Write in_________________________________

7. The Luby Tournament was created for newer and/or less experienced players. Currently, a player is eligible if they have an average of.500 or below for the previous season or are new to the league. Shall we change the eligibility to require a player to be either a new player or HAVE AN AVERAGE OF BELOW .500 FOR THE PREVIOUS 2 SEASONS? (Effective Fall, 2019)
o Yes
o No

8. The Bernie King Memorial Tournament is a fundraiser to honor Bernie King. All proceeds benefit the American Cancer Society. We currently award 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places to players who are ranked .500 or below and the same to those ranked .501 or above. Should we change this and award only 1st place in both categories? (Effective Fall, 2019)
o Yes
o No

Thank you in advance for your time in voting next week.

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