SFPA 2019 Fall Season Information

Here is some information regarding the upcoming 2019 Fall Season.

Registration will be at the Pilsner Inn at 225 Church Street, San Francisco, CA, on July 9th.
Registration starts at 7:00 PM. CAPTAINS–All you’ll need at this time is the name of your team and which bar you’ll be playing out of. If you have the names of players that you know will be on your team please provide all player information at the time you sign-up. Please have a completed Team & Sponsor Registration Form filled out and ready to give to us at the Pilsner.

There will be a General Meeting on July 16, 2019. This will combine the General Meeting and Captain’s meetings that were seperate in the past. THERE MUST BE AT LEAST ONE MEMBER FROM EACH TEAM at this meeting. If a member from a team does not show up then the team will suffer forfiets on game one. This will be STRICTLY enforced this season with NO exceptions!!

BCA/CSI tornament will be held in Las Vegas, NV from July 17th thru July 27th.

First week of the 2019 Season will begin on Tuesday July 30th.

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