Elections and an Update From our President

Hello everyone,

We hope you all are well and have gotten some time on a pool table somewhere. The Board has been meeting regularly and we are committed to playing a spring season if at all possible. Many people indicated on the Covid survey that they would play in the spring. If it is safe, we hope to return to some league play with lots of flexibility about timing.

Our bylaws require elections being held every season. Although we are not playing now, the Board has been meeting regularly so we will be conducting an election this season. The positions that are available are:

Vice-President-currently held by Thayer McDougle
Treasurer-currently held by Crystal Kelem
Co-Head Referee-currently held by Anthony Hydron
Co-Member at Large-currently held by Nick Lansdown

If any of you want to run for election for any of these positions, please let me know by next week, Friday, October 23. The ballot will be sent shortly after that. via Survey Monkey. The officers currently in these positions are running for reelection.

Also, CSI/BCA changed their calendar year so we have needed to update our member status. That has been done and will be finalized shortly. At this point they do plan to play in March. Due to the shutdowns they will only require 16 games to be eligible.

If you all haven’t heard, the Great Entertainer in San Mateo is open for play. They require masks and are using precautions as I heard through the grapevine.

Please reach out and let us know how you all are doing.

Stay safe and be well,
Joan for the SFPA Board of Directors

Joan Pettijohn
SFPA League President

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