Luby Invitational Tournament Winners

Congratulations to the Winners of Luby Invitational Tournament

Isaac Wong – First Place
Julien Roeser – Second Place
Jerry Ervin – Third Place

Thanks to all who came out to play. Thanks, also, to Stern, Crystal and Thayer for coaching.


** West Coast Challenge 76 Results **

Congratulations to the winners of the 76th West Coast Challenge in Long Beach on January 5-7, 2018.

** Team **
“Brook’s Team” (SD)
Brook Thomason, Captain
Nicolas Downey
Tom H. Downey, Jr.
Teofilo Moe, Jr.
Rob Molina
Tommy Punzalan

** Individuals **
1st – Malisa Mapu (LA)
2nd – Jerry Byrne (LB)
3rd – Jeramy Staton (SD)
4th – Siva Bodapati (LA)
5th – Robert Trucios (LB)
6th – Gabriel Rodriguez (LA)
7th – Pauley Pace (SD)
8th – Skinner Castagnola-Arteaga (SF)

** Women **
1st – Lauren Ward (LB)
2nd – Gina Zide (SD)
3rd – Crystal Kelem (SF)
4th – Janet Murray-Roberts (LB)

** Hi-Lo Team **
Ron Rafael/Ray Brewer (LA)

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