SFPA 2018 Summer Vote

Only about a third of you have responded. We need to hear from the rest of you. Please complete the survey today or tomorrow.

The increase in members’ dues would ensure that SF is able to host the West Coast Challenge in January 2019. The ballroom at the Whitcomb costs $2500/day. Other costs have also risen: catering for the party, awards.

Dues have not been raised in over ten years. (This represents a little over $1 more per week.)
San Francisco’s Softball League charges $90 per season.
The bowling league charges $21/week.
APA charges $10/week.
San Diego Pool League charges $8/week, $9/week if you drink.

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  1. I understand that prices rise, paying $60 for the season has been great.
    If dues are raised I feel that more bars should be on board for offering a free drink to the players. It’s something that was not ‘expected’ but always appreciated.
    The amount of money spent at the bars every Tuesday can add up.
    Hence, if the dues go up, this would be a great way of showing appreciation to the teams for supporting the league.
    Not all of us play in the WCC, but we support the league.

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