9-Ball Qualifiers

Emily Adams – House of Ginger
Jill Cheviron – Pilsner Penguins
Justin Dayton – 6 Holes of Napper Tandy
Crystal Kelem – Café Strikes Again
Chris Kline – Cinch Phoenix
Nick Lansdown – Lucky Horseshoe Caballeros
Isaac Lopez – Stud Muffins
Mike Maxwell – Route 101 Rawhides
Thayer McDougle – Lucky Horseshoe Caballeros
Stern Montoya – 4 Eyed Eagle
Hector Ortega – Golden Slate Warriors
Mike Romano – Smoke & Rumors
Dylan Scandalios – 6 Holes of Napper Tandy
Nithin Tharakan – 6 Holes of Napper Tandy

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