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Spring 2019

Bernie King Memorial Tournament Winners
Winners of the .501 and above were:
1st Place – Mike Maxwell
2nd Place – Joina Liao
3rd Place – Jim Neale

Winners of the .500 and below are:
1st Place – Rajat Kansal
2nd Place – Ninad Desai
3rd Place – Joan Pettijohn

City Championship Tournament Winners
1st place $250 – Mike Maxwell
2nd place $100 – Rajat Kansal
3rd place $75 – Crystal Kelem
4th place $50 – Marcelo Aviles

8 Ball Final Winners
1st Place-Evan Burgess, Lucky Horseshoe Caballeros
2nd Place-Mike Maxwell, Route 101 Rawhides
3rd Place-Thayer McDougle, Lucky Horseshoe Caballeros
4th Place-Andrew Creech, Cafe Ballbusters

Captains’ Tournament
1st Place-Patty West (Golden Slate Warriors)
2nd Place-Stern Montoya (Ice Willows)
3rd Place-Emily Adams (Pilsner Innmates)
4th Place-Chris Logan (Cafe Ballbusters)

Luby Tournament Winners
1st Place-Alex Peralta (Rumors Never Die)
2nd Place-Bernie Hirschbein (Cafe 2 for 1’s)
3rd Place-Julien Roeser (Lucky Horseshoe Glue Factory)

Hi-Lo Tournament Winners
1st Place-Rick Bradford and Salvador Miranda
2nd Place-Mike Maxwell and Mike Romano
3rd Place-Jim Neale and Jaime Dizon

WCC Delegates

Rick Bradford & Stern Montoya

Route 101 Rawhides
Jerry Ball, Tom Seymour, Bob Simon, Mike Maxwell,
Danny Mullan, Rick Mariani

Open Individuals
Nick Lansdown
Thayer McDougle
Crystal Kelem
Evan Burgess
Skinner Castagnola-Arteaga
Chris Logan
Mike Romano
Emily Adams

Joina Liao
Mikki Paull
Jaime Dizon
Joan Pettijohn

Playoff brackets:

Fall 2019

1st – Crystal Kelem & Joan Pettijohn
2nd – Thom Moyer & Casey O’Neill
3rd Place-Chris Logan & Salvador Miranda

Luby Tournament
1st – Wade Hargrove, Front Page Players
2nd – Todd Emmel, Pilsner Penguins
3rd – Chris Kline, Cinch Phoenix

Captains’ Tournament
1st – Crystal Kelem, Tandy Warhols
2nd – Bob Schnatterly, Cinch Pack
3rd – Okie Williams, Lucky Ballbusters
4th – JM Reasonda, Mixfits

9-Ball Tournament
1st – Nick Lansdown
2nd – Tom Seymour
3rd – Skip Perry
4th – Thayer McDougle

Playoff brackets: