Fall 2022

Found Cup R2/CC R2 WB/CCR1 LB

Nov. 9, 2021

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Away Score Home
Rumors Never Die 9-7 Lone Star Longhorns
Cinchsationals 9-6 Lucky Horseshoe Horseshoes
Shovel This 9-7 Black Willows
Hole in the Wall Howlers 6-9 Churchill Churchaholics
Shovel That 4-9 Slate of the Union
Bloodhound Ballbusters 9-4 Lucky Horseshoe Glue Factory
Pilsner Innmates 0-9 Slate Rawhides
Smoke & Rumors 9-4 Blackbird
Players 93 9-6 Churchill Dawgs
Cinch Phoenix 7-9 Cinch You're Down There
Cinch Pack 9-3 Pilsner Penguins
Blackbird Blue Balls 9-6 Bloodhound Ball Gang