Spring 2024

Week 8

Nov. 7, 2023

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Away Score Home
Coyle's Goyles 7-9 Blackbird Blacksheep
Lucky Horseshoe Wild Horses 4-12 Pilsner InnDecisives
Hole in the Wall Howlers 4-12 Clean Slate
Lone Star Strokers 5-11 Finnegans Wake and Break
Cinchsationals 3-13 Happy Lounge Rawhides
Blackbird Magic 3-13 Coyle's Destroyers
Pilsner Innmates 5-11 Lucky Horseshoe Glue Factory
Golden Slate Warriors 10-6 Hole in the Wall Hole Wreckers
Friends Crooked Cues 12-4 Lone Star Hustlers
Happy Got Diamond 7-9 Cinch You're Down There
Cinch Phoenix 8-8 Whomping Willows
Churchill Have Eyes 9-7 Rumors Never Die
Union St. Playaz 7-9 Family Irish Brigade
Bus Slop 11-5 Totally Wrecked
G&C Billiard Club 8-8 Route 101 Nomads
The Black Willows 9-7 Cinch Pack
Union Rail House 12-4 Gestalt G's
Shovel This 4-12 Bus Stop Flyers
Route 101 Pool Cleaners 13-3 Gino's Diamonds