West Coast Challenge 77 Results

Results for WCC #77

Open Individuals:
1. Rhino Lay (LA)
2. Allan O. Badillo (SD)
3. Jesse La Fear (SF)
4. Arnold Castellanos
5. Danny Mullan
6. Tommy Nguyen
7. Skinner Castagnola-Arteaga (SF)
8. Micheal Romano (SF)

1. Lauren Marie Ward (LB)
2. Marji Damoth (LB)
3. Melissa Schulz (LB)
4. Melisa Goldstein (SD)

1. Long Beach
2. San Diego
3. San Francisco

1. Long Beach
2. San Diego
3. Los Angeles

SFPA is Seeking a Webmaster/Statistician

We are looking for someone to maintain this new website. Duties including managing all player and team stats, creating and managing posts, working with the board on any website issue. As an appointed board member, player dues will be waived. Webmaster/statistician will be expected to attend monthly meetings. All interested parties please contact the board.

SFPA 2018 Summer Vote

Only about a third of you have responded. We need to hear from the rest of you. Please complete the survey today or tomorrow.

The increase in members’ dues would ensure that SF is able to host the West Coast Challenge in January 2019. The ballroom at the Whitcomb costs $2500/day. Other costs have also risen: catering for the party, awards.

Dues have not been raised in over ten years. (This represents a little over $1 more per week.)
San Francisco’s Softball League charges $90 per season.
The bowling league charges $21/week.
APA charges $10/week.
San Diego Pool League charges $8/week, $9/week if you drink.

Registration for Fall, 2018 Season

Registration for next season is scheduled for next Thursday, July 12th at the Pilsner Inn ( 225 Church St, San Francisco, CA 94114).  We will be there from 6:30-8:00 p.m. Captains, register your teams, and new players, come down and find a team. See you there!


WCC Qualifiers

Congratulations to the winners of the West Coast Challenger Qualifiers:

Women’s Tournament
First Place – Crystal Kelem
Second Place – Fran Herman
Third Place – Joan Pettijohn
Fourth Place – Jill Cheviron

Open Individuals Tournament
First Place – Danny Mullan
Second Place – Nick Lansdown
Third Place – Skinner Castagnola-Arteaga
Fourth Place – Jesse La Fear
Fifth Place – Thayer McDougle
Sixth Place – René Denis
Seventh Place – Humberto (HJ) Gonzalez
Eighth Place – Anthony Hydron (Star Search Winner)

Tournament Winners

Congratulations to the winners of Spring 2018 playoffs:

City Championship

First Place – Route 101 Rawhides
Second Place – Golden Slate Warriors
Third Place – Lucky Horseshoe

Founders Cup

First Place – Café Strikes Again
Second Place – The Black Willows
Third Place – Naked Lunch Shot Callers

Hi-Lo Memorial Tournament

Congratulations to the winners of the Hi-Lo Tournament.

First Place – Mike Maxwell/Chris Logan
Second Place – Nick Lansdown/Cristina Urreaga
Third Place – Tom Seymour/Rajat Kansal
Fourth Place – Skinner Castagnola-Arteaga/Thom Moyer

The winning team will represent San Francisco at the West Coast Challenge (LXXVII) in Burbank, July 6-8, hosted by the Los Angeles Pool League.

Bernie King Memorial Tournament

Congratulations to the winners of the Bernie King Memorial Tournament

Above 0.500

First Place – Mike Maxwell
Second Place – Tom Seymour
Third Place – Crystal Kelem

Below 0.500

First Place – Marcelo Aviles
Second Place – Joan Pettijohn
Third Place – Jerz Zuluaga

Thanks to all who came out to honor Bernie and support the American Cancer Society.