Reminder: September 7th

The league is not playing this Tuesday September 7. We are taking the night off. A lot of the bars have pre-programmed their pool tables from 6:30 till 11:59. So there will be a lot of free pool tomorrow. Please support your home bars and go out and shoot some free pool.

SFPA Board Elections

We will be having an election soon for:

Co-Head Referee (Stern’s current position)
Member-at-Large (Troy’s current position)

If you want to run for office for one of these Board positions, please contact in the next week. Expect a SurveyMonkey email after that.

BCA Nationals

Happy 2021!

We hope all of you are well and safe. We are committed to playing whenever it is safe to do so.
The BCA Nationals in Las Vegas have been rescheduled to September 1 – 11.

The link for information and to register is here.

Election Results

Voting for Board officers is closed.
The turnout was not as large as our national election but many of you did vote.
All incumbents ran unopposed and were reelected.
Thank you for voting.


Hi all,
We have sent a ballot out to everyone for the elections. Please vote before Friday, November 13th. The ballot is coming from our Secretary Jerry Irving:
The following people are running for these positions.

Vice-President-currently held by Thayer McDougle
Treasurer-currently held by Crystal Kelem
Co-Head Referee-currently held by Anthony Hydron
Co-Member at Large-currently held by Nick Lansdown

Thank you all.

Be safe and be well!!

Fall Season Update

Good day pool lovers,
I hope you all are well and staying safe and not too bored while sheltering.
Thank you for taking the time to complete our survey regarding Covid and league play. If you have not seen the results, they are available on Facebook and on the website. Clearly we are all concerned about the virus and are also all missing the league and pool.

The Board has been meeting regularly to determine the feasibility of playing in the fall and the spring. Given the uncertainty of the re-openings of the bars, we have decided to cancel the fall season. There is no estimate of when the bars will open at this time. The safety of our members and staff at our sponsor bars is paramount to our decision. Other pool leagues in the area have made the same decision.

If the bars open later in the fall, we are hoping to sponsor some tournaments and other safe and fun events.

We are in contact with CSI in Vegas regarding eligibility for the tournament in March and will let you know what eligibility requirements they will have.

Also, based on the decisions of our sister leagues and the vote of our members, the West Coast Challenge will be held annually.

We are sorry to bring this unfortunate, yet not unsurprising news. Again, we will keep you informed as things occur.

Many warm regards,
SFPA League Persident

Most Recent Update-sent today to all members

Hello again,
Again, I hope you all are staying safe, are not too bored and are not missing pool too much, although I suspect many of you are longing to play.

The Board met last week and we were able to make some decisions although many things could not be decided due to the uncertainty about reopening our city and state. What we could decide:

1. We have officially ended the regular season at this point. All stats are final.
2. We will offer a half-season credit for next season for those of you who want
it. Please let us know and we will apply the credit in the amount of $35. If you do not
want the credit or don’t need it, please consider donating it to the league.
3. If the bars reopen and we can sponsor playoff games we will do so for teams
that want and can play. We cannot give much more information about how
that will be configured as we don’t know the number of teams that will play
and we cannot say the timing of these playoffs.
4. We will sponsor WCC qualifiers IF there is a WCC in late August in LA and IF we have open
venues to play them in. The governor has stated that large gatherings this summer should be
cancelled so that is hard to predict.

We are very unclear about many other aspects of our future. We do not know at this point when bars will reopen nor do we know if all of our sponsor bars will be able to reopen. Several of our sponsor bars have Go Fund Me accounts to raise money for staff. Here is a link if you would like to see the list or donate.

Additionally, we are not sure when next season will start due to the delay this spring nor can we know if we will have to shorten next season due to a late start.

What we can tell you is that we will be meeting again soon and will make decisions as we are able and we promise to maintain regular communication. Please let me know how you all are doing and stay well.


Joan Pettijohn
SFPA League President