End of Season Party

The End of Season party will be December, 17, 2019 at the Pilsner Inn, 225 Church St., San Francisco, CA. The party starts at 7:00 PM. Dinner and awards will be presented.

We’ll see you all there. Let’s have fun!!

West Coast Challenge Qualifiers

All qualifiers will be held at the Billiard Palacade with practice at 11:15 and play at noon. All qualifiers are open to league members who have played at least 25% of possible games.

Hi-Lo WCC qualifier on Sunday, Dec. 1st ($20 entry fee)
Scotch doubles, Random grid, Double elimination
Alternating breaks, Race to 2 on winners side (including
both finals matches), Single game on losers side.

All remaining qualifiers will be held on Dec. 8th ($20 entry fee)
All-Star – Players with season record of .600 and above at Week 14
Rising Star – Players with a season record between .501 and .599 at
Week 14
Women’s – All female league members
Star Search – Players with a season record of .500 or below at Week
14 and never played at WCC.


The playoff grids are complete.

Please click here for the City Championship grid.

Please click here for the Founders Cup grid.

Attention all captains:
Since we are in the playoff stage of the season it is imperative that the home captain or their delegate enter the scores soon after the match has been completed. This is especially important if your team is playing in the City Championship brackets as they play on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Election Results

Vice President – Thayer McDougle
Treasurer – Crystal Kelem
Co-Head Referee – Anthony Hydron
Member-at-Large – Nick Lansdown

The ballot measure to change the playing rules regarding ‘stop clock procedure’ passed and the changes will become effective December, 2019 at the end of the season.

Congratulations to the Winners of the Calcutta

The winners of the Calcutta Tournament yesterday were:

1st Place-Crystal Kelem and Thayer McDougle
2nd Place-David Norris and Mike Romano
3rd Place-Salvador Miranda and Joan Pettijohn

It was a long and fun day of pool and we thank those who came and congratulate the winners!

Results from The Luby

The Luby Tournament was fabulous and a great turnout:
1st Place-Wade Hargrove, Front Page Players
2nd Place-Todd Emmel, Pilsner Penguins
3rd Place-Chris Kline, Cinch Phoenix

Special thanks to Stern Montoya, Thayer McDougle, Bob Schnatterly and Leif Smith for coming to support the tournament.

SFPA 2019 Fall Season Information

Here is some information regarding the upcoming 2019 Fall Season.

There will be a General Meeting on July 16, 2019 @ 7 PM at the Pilsner Inn. This combines the General Meeting and Captain’s meetings that have been separate in the past.
THERE MUST BE AT LEAST ONE MEMBER FROM EACH TEAM at this meeting. Failure to have a representative at this meeting could result in forfeits of 3 games for the captain.

BCA/CSI tournament will be held in Las Vegas, NV from July 17th thru July 27th.

First week of the 2019 Season will begin on Tuesday July 30th.