City Championship and Founders Cup

November 2, 2021, starts our Tournament season. City Championships are double elimination while Founders Cup is single elimination. Please note that you may be scheduled to play at an alternate location. The team with the highest average has home advantage. If your team is not listed on the current week you either have a BYE WEEK or your team has been eliminated.

To see the brackets for City Championship click here

To see the brackets for Founders Cup click here

SFPA Board Elections

Hello members,
I hope you all are well and enjoying shooting pool again.

This season the Board positions up for reelection are: Vice President, Treasurer and Co-Head Referee (Hydron’s position). The Co-Member-at-Large position was recently vacated by Nick Landsdown and the Board appointed Skip Perry for that role. We were extremely happy to welcome him to the Board and he has jumped right in.

If any of you want to run for any of these positions, please let me know as soon as possible as this is a short season and we need to get those ballots out.

Good luck at the tables and have fun,

Joan Pettijohn
SFPA League President

Reminder: September 7th

The league is not playing this Tuesday September 7. We are taking the night off. A lot of the bars have pre-programmed their pool tables from 6:30 till 11:59. So there will be a lot of free pool tomorrow. Please support your home bars and go out and shoot some free pool.

SFPA Board Elections

We will be having an election soon for:

Co-Head Referee (Stern’s current position)
Member-at-Large (Troy’s current position)

If you want to run for office for one of these Board positions, please contact in the next week. Expect a SurveyMonkey email after that.

BCA Nationals

Happy 2021!

We hope all of you are well and safe. We are committed to playing whenever it is safe to do so.
The BCA Nationals in Las Vegas have been rescheduled to September 1 – 11.

The link for information and to register is here.

Election Results

Voting for Board officers is closed.
The turnout was not as large as our national election but many of you did vote.
All incumbents ran unopposed and were reelected.
Thank you for voting.


Hi all,
We have sent a ballot out to everyone for the elections. Please vote before Friday, November 13th. The ballot is coming from our Secretary Jerry Irving:
The following people are running for these positions.

Vice-President-currently held by Thayer McDougle
Treasurer-currently held by Crystal Kelem
Co-Head Referee-currently held by Anthony Hydron
Co-Member at Large-currently held by Nick Lansdown

Thank you all.

Be safe and be well!!