Spring 2023


May 21, 2019

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Away Score Home
The Black Willows 2-9 Ice Willows
Cinchsationals 6-9 Bare Naked 6 Holes
Lone Star Longhorns 9-3 Wicked Bitches of the West
Ginger Strokes 9-7 Pilsner Innmates
Harry's Humdingers 4-9 Mix VANGIE
Hole in the Wall Bangers 5-9 Hole in the Wall Howlers
Harry's Hooligans 9-7 Cafe Strikes Again
Cinch Phoenix 9-5 Cafe 2 for 1's
Clean Slate 4-9 Lucky Horseshoe Caballeros
Smoke and Rumors 7-9 Route 101 Rawhides
Pilsner Penguins 6-9 Cinch Pack
Cafe Cafaholics 7-9 Rumors Never Die
Cafe Ballbusters 9-4 Golden Slate Warriors

Unofficial Results

Away Home Location Score Sheets
The Napper Tandy