9-Ball Qualifier

Here are the players who have qualified so far for the 9-Ball Tournament which will be held at the Billiard Palacade on October 27th. Practice at 11:30 and play at noon.

Bob Schnatterly & Paul Krohn
JM Reasonda & Mike Maxwell
Thayer McDougle & Tom Seymour
Evan Burgess & Thom Moyer
Nick Lansdown & Stern Montoya
Skinner Castagnola-Arteaga & Travis Yallup
Patty West & Yuko Takahashi

Our last 9-Ball Qualifier will be held this Thursday, October 17th at The Slate. Practice at 6:30 and play at 7pm.

Election Results

Vice President – Thayer McDougle
Treasurer – Crystal Kelem
Co-Head Referee – Anthony Hydron
Member-at-Large – Nick Lansdown

The ballot measure to change the playing rules regarding ‘stop clock procedure’ passed and the changes will become effective December, 2019 at the end of the season.

Congratulations to the Winners of the Calcutta

The winners of the Calcutta Tournament yesterday were:

1st Place-Crystal Kelem and Thayer McDougle
2nd Place-David Norris and Mike Romano
3rd Place-Salvador Miranda and Joan Pettijohn

It was a long and fun day of pool and we thank those who came and congratulate the winners!

Results from The Luby

The Luby Tournament was fabulous and a great turnout:
1st Place-Wade Hargrove, Front Page Players
2nd Place-Todd Emmel, Pilsner Penguins
3rd Place-Chris Kline, Cinch Phoenix

Special thanks to Stern Montoya, Thayer McDougle, Bob Schnatterly and Leif Smith for coming to support the tournament.