Qualifier and Tournament Schedule

Here is information on our qualifiers and tournaments for this season. Practice and signups generally begin approximately 30 minutes prior to start time.

Luby Invitational Saturday 2/23/19 Cinch Saloon 11:30am
8-Ball Qualifier #1 Saturday 3/2/19 Cinch Saloon 12:00pm
8-Ball Qualifier #2 Saturday 3/9/19 Route 101 12:00pm
8-Ball Qualifier #3 Thursday 3/14/19 Lucky Horseshoe 7:00pm
8-Ball Qualifier #4 Saturday 3/16/19 TBD 4:00pm
8-Ball Qualifier #5 Thursday 3/21/19 TBD 7:00pm
8-Ball Qualifier #6 Sunday 3/24/19 TBD 6:00pm
8-Ball Qualifier #7 Thursday 3/28/19 TBD 7:00pm
8-Ball Qualifier #8 Saturday 4/6/19 TBD 12:00pm
8-Ball Final Tournament Sunday 4/14/19 Billiard Palacade 12:00pm
Fundraising Calcutta Sunday 4/28/19 Billiard Palacade 12:00pm
City Individuals Sunday 5/19/19 Billiard Palacade 12:00pm
Bernie King Memorial Sunday 5/26/19 Billiard Palacade 12:00pm
Hi-Lo Memorial Sunday 6/2/19 Billiard Palacade 12:00pm
WCC Qualifiers Sunday 6/9/19 Billiard Palacade 12:00pm

Luby Tournament

On Saturday Feburary 23, 2019, The Luby Tournament will be held at the Cinch Saloon, 1723 Polk Street in San Francisco.

The Luby Tournament is for players who are new to the league this season or who had a season record of .500 or below last season.
We ask more experienced players to come out and give advice, thoughts and instruction for newer folks.
So, whether you’re a new player or a more experienced one, there is a place for you at the Luby.

Practice starts at 11:15 am and the tournament begins at Noon. End time of 6 pm is approximate.

Captains’ Tournament Winners

The winners of the Captains’ Tournament last Saturday were:
1st Place-Patty West (Golden Slate Warriors)
2nd Place-Stern Montoya (Ice Willows)
3rd Place-Emily Adams (Pilsner Innmates)
4th Place-Chris Logan (Cafe Ballbusters)

Important Dates

January 29th-Membership meeting at the Pilsner at 6:30pm
February 5th-First night of Play and all dues should be paid
February 9th-Captains’ Meeting at the Pilsner at 11am
Captains’ Tournament at the Pilsner at noon
February 12th-Second night of play and all dues must be paid to play.

WCC Winners

Congratulations to the Winners of WCC 78

#keepstroking (LB)
Tom H. Downey, Jr., captain
Nicholas Downey
Christina (Xtina) Garcia
Teofilo Moe, Jr.
Tommy Punzalan
Brook Thomason

Hi-Lo Team
Tom Seymour/Nick Lansdown (SF)

1st – Joina Liao (SF)
2nd – Crystal Kelem (SF
3rd – Melissa Schulz (LB)
4th – Flavia Ribas (SD)

Open Individuals
1st – Erik Chacon (LB)
2nd – Ernie Elliott (SD)
3rd – Skinner Castagnola-Arteaga (SF)
4th – Allan Badillo (SD)
5th – Jim Neale (SF)
6th – Henry Guardado (LB)
7th – Lauren Ward (LB)
8th – Christi Ross (SD)

End of Season Party

We had a great party this past Wednesday and an excellent turnout. The food was yummy and abundant. Many participated in the Turkey Shoot and free dues for next season was won by Skip Perry. Winner of the baseball tickets was also Skip Perry. Skip had a great night. Sam Khozindar won the 50/50 raffle.

Awards were presented to Max Sanchez for Most Improved Player, Aja Cayetano for the Jim Tingle Sportsmanship Award, and Rocks Den for Best Host Bar.

Joan Pettijohn received the president’s award for Outstanding Service to the League. Joan’s commitment to the league is beyond measure. She devotes countless hours to keep this ship afloat. Her tireless efforts made this party happen, and will ensure that we will be shooting pool on Tuesdays for many years to come. You rock, Joan!

More Info-WCC Qualifiers

All WCC qualifiers will be held this Saturday, December 15th at the Billiard Palacade (5179 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94112). Signups at 11am and play at noon. There is a $20 entry fee.

All-Star – Players with a season record of .600 and above at Week 14 Stats
Rising Star – Players with a season record between .501 and .599 at Week 14 Stats
Women’s – All female league members
Star Search – Players with season record of .500 or below at Week 14 and never played at WWC

Top players to WCC:
All-Star – Top 5
Rising Star – Top 2
Women’s – Top 4
Star Search – Top 1

Ranked grids,
Double elimination,
Alternating breaks,
Race to 3.

Calcutta Tournament Results

Here are the results from the Calcutta Tournament:

1st-Tom Seymour/Jim Neale
2nd-Patty West/Salvador Miranda
3rd-Skinner Castagnola-Arteaga/Anthony Hydron

Thanks to Crystal Kelem for organizing and doing so much work, to Troy Brunet for running the auction, and to Mikki Paull and Mike Romano for your support and help. We had a marvelous time, and there was some awesome pool played!!

Election Results

The ballots have been tallied. Congratulations to

Thayer McDougle – Vice-President
Anthony Hydron – Co-Head Referee
Crystal Kelem – Treasurer
Jill Cheviron – Member-at-Large

The board will meet soon to discuss Jim Tingle, HOF and Best Host Bar.

Also, Erik Proctor has resigned for personal reasons. The board appointed Crystal Kelem to begin work as treasurer immediately.

Bernie King Memorial Tournament

Thank you to everyone who came out to support the Bernie King Memorial. We raised $420 for the American Cancer Society. Thanks to everyone who came and helped out.

Results from the tournament:
Above .500
Tom Seymour-Route 101 Rawhides
Skip Perry-Tandy Tokers
Mike Maxwell-Route 101 Rawhides

Below .500
Joan Pettijohn-Pilsner Innmates
Chris Kline-Cinch Phoenix
Jill Cheviron-Pilsner Penquins

(Several items were left at the Cinch including a cue ball and shaft which were turned into the bartender)