In Memory

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In Memory

Always in our hearts and memories are those who at one time or another have been SFPA members:

Mario Alonzo
Robbie Anderson
Skip Anderson
Carl Arguello
Steve Armijo
Rick Bartos
Ron Barulich
Robert Bell
Josef Bento
Dallas Blaydes
Dave Boggs
Bob Boyle
Bill Boyles
Colin Bradley
Gary Brower
Sam Bridgers
Alan Buholz
Frank Carmona
Carl Carr
Steven Caston
Ron Chevrette
Tim Chitwood
Louis Christlieb
Benny Ray Clardy
Steve Colby
Luke Consolmagno
John Dorn
Charles Dossett
Jerry Downing
Serena Drogose
Jack Dunbar
Paul Dunbar
James Dunham
Leo Emanon
Wayne Faulkner
Jim Fierro
Steve Fleck
Jeff Fresnoza
Larry Fulwider
Vince Galindo
Michael Gerstorff
Russ Glenn
Joe Harrison
Vic Hayden
Dennis Healy
George R. Heyl
Jerry Hutarte
Phillip Jenson
Don “DJ” Johnson
Glenn Jordan
Glenn Judd
Wayne Karmitz
Brian Kelly
Don Killam
Bernie King
Ed King
Jon Kole
Steve Kreider
Don Kruse
Jesse LaFear
Ed Lavoie
Dean Lechner
Cris Lundberg
Rudolph Lubag
Toni Macante
Mike Macri
Rick Marquez
Allen Martin
Butch McAllister
Doug McDonald
Charlie McClain
Scott McClure
Ron McKay
Ed Mendez
Paul Menefee
Barry Middleton
Ed Moore
Sean Mukansky
Ben Napili
Kevin O’Hara
Jorge Osejo
Jack Parsons
Fred Passey
Tommy Payne
Luby Pelletier
Jerry Peloquin
Rick Peters
Pete Peterson
Ray Peterson
Jim Phillips
Pavel Prucha
Bill Rae
Grant Ramer
Charlie Richards
Antonio Rios
Ken Robertson
Charles “Tuna” Ruffer
Jim Russo
Tyler Sauer
Dolores Sawyer
Mike Schlatter
Dan Schneider
Larry Schwartz
Jim Sell
Royal Senn
Lou Shapiro
Mark Sharpe
Keith Smith
Eddie Sprotti
Cody Stevens
Mark Stevens
Jerry Strickland
Roger Stuffet
Wally Sutherland
Terry Taibl
David Terreo
Jim-Ed Thompson
Jim Tingle
Art Toth
Maria Tsintelis
Randy Vandervort
John Villon
Don Wahl
Brian Walton
Terry Ward
Dale Williams
Ed Wilson
Barry White
Bob White
Glenn White
Norman Whited
Mark Williams

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  1. Wow, there are so many people on the “In Memory” list that I recognize and knew personally. Royal Senn and Pete Peterson were my teammates on the “Bear Bottoms” years ago. Bill Rea was my former boss at the Bear Hollow restaurant. RIP my brothers.

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