Paying Dues

Number of Players:

Name(s) of players(s):


Number of Teams to Register:


Team Name(s) (if known):

or mail a check to:

San Francisco Pool Association
P. O.  Box 14258
San Francisco, CA 94114

…or a check may be handed to any of the board members.

4 Replies to “Paying Dues”

  1. Gary Speer:

    I have played in the San Francisco Pool Tavern Association, thirty years ago. Have spent most of my in-between time building finace for retirement, then taking care of a best friend, then volunteering for eleven years at our county hospital. I am have been raising honeybees and woud like some new socialization for me while raising my pool game. I am easy to get along with and am looking forward to meeting new friends.

    1. Hey Gary….I am sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I manage email, FB and posting to the website and miss things here and there. It is not too late to join the league and I believe there is one team and maybe 2 who need another player. I love the community in our league and the league has definitely improved my game. We do play BCA rules which is different than Tavern. Are you still interested? The openings I think exist are at sponsor bars in SOMA. What is you skill level? My email, which is much more reliable way of getting a prompt reply is
      Regards….Joan Pettijohn President

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