Listed times are when signup opens and warmup begins; tournaments will begin 30 minutes afterward.

Captain’s Tournament

1st – Antonio Cracchiolo, Smoke & Fizz
2nd – Kameha Barnette, Union Shooters
3rd – Nithin Tharakan, Bus Stop Pick Me Up
4th – Victor Ramos, Friends Crooked Cues

Luby Invitational

1st – Kimo Quitevis, Union Shooters
2nd – Colin O’Hara, Pilsner Innmates
3rd – Justin Gou, Blackbird Breakers
4th – Geri Smessaert, Blackbird Breakers

8-Ball Tournament

Qualifier 1

Qualified: Paul Crouch, Thayer McDougle
Princess points: Sephe Schoenfeld, Guy Argo

Qualifier 2

Qualified: Diogo Martini, Steven Waldon
Princess points: Garrett Gingell, Mike Maxwell

Qualifier 3

Qualified: Michael Ginther, Kameha Barnette
Princess points: Shreesh Nayak, Brian Hintze

Qualifier 4

Qualified: JM Reasonda, Evan Burgess
Princess points: Colin O’Hara, Chris Logan

Qualifier 5

Qualified: Guy Argo, Tom Seymour
Princess points: Justin Anderson, Shreesh Nayak

Qualifier 6

Qualified: Yuko Takahashi, Chris Loughran
Princess points: Kimo Quitevis, Shreesh Nayak

Qualifier 7

Qualified: Thom Moyer, Bob Schnatterly
Princess points: Rick Bradford, Crystal Kelem

Qualifier 8

Qualified: Rick Bradford, Josh Maldonado
Princess points: Mike Franklin, Nick Radford


1st – Thayer McDougle, Pilsner InnDecisives
2nd – Chris Loughran, Bus Stop Flyers
3rd – Diogo Martini, Shot O’Clock at Route 101
4th – Steven Waldon, Smoke & Fizz

Bernie King Memorial

Sunday, June 9, 11:30 am
Family Billiards

Hi-Lo Memorial

Sunday, June 23, 11:30 am
Family Billiards

West Coast Challenge Qualifiers/End of Season Individual Tournaments

Sunday, July 21, 11:30 am
Family Billiards

Non-SFPA Tournaments

Want to get your tournament on somewhere else? Check out the following:

Family Billiards: Monday 8-ball & Tuesday 9-ball, plus monthly tournaments on Saturday & Sunday

Happy Lounge: Friday scotch doubles

The Break Room (Berkeley): Monday 8-ball, Tuesday 9-ball