Listed times are when signup opens and warmup begins; tournaments will begin 30 minutes afterward.

Captain’s Tournament

1. Thayer McDougle, Sneaky Peaks
2. Jeff Smith, Route 101 Dalmatians
3. Nithin Tharakan, Slate Silver Sparkles
4. Kevin DeWar, Smoke & Rumors

Luby Invitational

1. Billy Tzeng, Gino & Carlo Pool Boys
2. Jessie Manuel, Churchill Get You Saved
3. Korvin Bothwell, Churchill Strokers
4. Micky Sharif, Churchill Strokers

9-Ball Tournament Qualifiers

Qualifier 1
Winners: Thayer McDougle, JM Reasonda
Princess points: Thom Moyer, Bob Schnatterly

Qualifier 2
Winners: Mike Maxwell, Okie Williams
Princess points: Esau Ortiz, Jerry Ball

Qualifier 3
Winners: Skip Perry, Dylan Portelli
Princess points: Paul Crouch, Stern Montoya

Qualifier 4
Winners: Crystal Kelem, Billy Tzeng
Princess points: Eric Mitchell, Garrett Remes

Qualifier 5
Winners: Rick Bradford, Stern Montoya
Princess points: Thom Moyer, Brian Hintze

Qualifier 6
Winners: Brian Hintze, Tom Seymour
Princess points: Kevin Gomes

Qualifier 7
Winners: Kevin Gomes, Victor Ramos
Princess points: Paul Crouch, Chris Kline

Qualifier 8
Winners: Paul Crouch, Tim Potter
Princess points: Thom Moyer, Garrett Remes

9-Ball Tournament Finals

1. Skip Perry, Slate of the Union
2. Thayer McDougle, Sneaky Peaks
3. Victor Ramos, Route 101 Dalmatians
4. Paul Crouch, Happy Lounge Pool Cleaners

Bernie King Memorial

.501+ bracket
1. Mike Maxwell, Happy Lounge Rawhides
2. Skip Perry, Slate of the Union
3. Jim Neale, Sneaky Peaks
4. Thayer McDougle, Sneaky Peaks

Under .501 bracket
1. Sarah Honig, Pilsner Innmates
2. Dylan Portelli, Rumors Never Die
3. Max Schroeder, Shovel This
4. Estelle Mays, Pilsner Penguins

Hi-Lo Memorial

1. Buddy Giguere & Chris Logan
2. Kevin DeWar & Jerry Ball
3. Jeff Smith & Estelle Mays
4. Crystal Kelem & Colin O’Hara

End of Season Tournament

1. Mike Maxwell, Happy Lounge Rawhides
2. Tom Seymour, Happy Lounge Rawhides
3. Jeff Smith, Route 101 Dalmatians
4. Nithin Tharakan, Slate Silver Sparkles

Rising Star
1. Rocky Angel, Hole in the Wall Bangers
2. Rick Bradford, Lucky Horseshoe Glue Factory
3. Rob Ross, Slate Silver Sparkles
4. Sal Miranda, Sneaky Peaks

Star Search
1. Travis Yallup, Churchill Get You Saved
2. John McNulty, Lone Star Longhorns
3. Chris Logan, Happy Lounge Pool Cleaners
4. Garrett Remes, Connecticut’s Angels

1. Tina Asuncion, Pilsner Penguins
2. Estelle Mays, Pilsner Penguins
3. Sarah Honig, Pilsner Innmates
4. Sevgi Toprak, Connecticut’s Angels