Listed times are when signup opens and warmup begins; tournaments will begin 30 minutes afterward.

Captain’s Tournament

1. Teck Scalla, Bus Stop Flyers
2. Kevin DeWar, Smoke & Rumors
3. Thayer McDougle, Pilsner InnDecisives
4. Okie Williams, Gino’s Diamonds

Luby Invitational

1. Dylan Portelli, Rumors Never Die
2. Matt Gomez, Union Rail House
3. AJ Cavossa, Union Rail House
4. Shreesh Nayak, Cinch Phoenix

9-Ball Tournament Qualifiers

Qualifier 1

Qualified: Thayer McDougle, Paul Crouch
Princess points: Aemar Kenji, Thom Moyer

Qualifier 2

Qualified: Mike Maxwell, Justin Anderson
Princess points: JM Reasonda, Chris Whitacre

Qualifier 3

Qualified: JM Reasonda, Crystal Kelem
Princess points: Dylan Portelli, Thom Moyer

Qualifier 4

Qualified: Chris Loughran, Skip Perry
Princess points: Victor Ramos, Tom Purcell

Qualifier 5

Qualified: Stephen Spano, Thom Moyer
Princess points: Max Schroeder, Massimo Giusti

Qualifier 6

Qualified: Evan Burgess, Rob Ross
Princess points: Josh Maldonado, Stern Montoya

Qualifier 7

Qualified: Mike Franklin, Dylan Portelli
Princess points: Brendon Taing, Chris Logan

Qualifier 8

Qualified: Kevin DeWar, Joshua Maldonado
Princess points: Tom Seymour, Jeff Smith


1. Joshua Maldonado, Happy Lounge Rawhides
2. Skip Perry, Route 101 Nomads
3. Thayer McDougle, Pilsner InnDecisives
4. Justin Anderson, Bus Stop Flyers

Bernie King Memorial

Family Billiards
Sunday, December 3, 11:30 am
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Hi-Lo Memorial

Family Billiards
Sunday, January 7, 11:30 am
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End of Season Individual Tournaments

Family Billiards
Sunday, January 21, 11:30 am
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