Listed times are when signup opens and warmup begins; tournaments will begin 30 minutes afterward.

Captain’s Tournament

1. Thayer McDougle, Pilsner InnDecisives
2. Jeffrey Smith, Route 101 Nomads
3. Paul Crouch, Route 101 Pool Cleaners
4. Yuko Takahashi, Happy Got Diamond

Luby Invitational

1. Nenad Zagorac, Hole in the Wall Howlers
2. Stern Montoya, Cinch Phoenix
3. Tamera Walters, Coyle’s Toil & Trouble
4. Will Huntington, Churchill Have Eyes

8-Ball Tournament Qualifiers

Qualifier 1

Qualified: Tom Seymour, Thayer McDougle
Princess points: Chris Logan, Billy Tzeng

Qualifier 2

Qualified: Rohit Patel, Esau Ortiz
Princess points: Brendon Taing, Mike Maxwell

Qualifier 3

Qualified: Nithin Tharakan, Jeffrey Smith
Princess points: Guy Argo, Kevin DeWar

Qualifier 4

Qualified: Mike Maxwell, Kevin DeWar
Princess points: Guy Argo, Crystal Kelem

Qualifier 5

Qualified: Josh Maldonado, Guy Argo
Princess points: Tim Potter, Bob Schnatterly

Qualifier 6

Qualified: Wael Al-Sallami, Nenad Zagorac
Princess points: Marcelo Aviles, Brendon Taing

Qualifier 7

Qualified: Yuko Takahashi, Bob Schnatterly
Princess points: JM Reasonda, Garrett Remes

Qualifier 8

Qualified: JM Reasonda, Dave Piccolo
Princess points: Tim Potter, Colin O’Hara

8-Ball Tournament Finals

1. Mike Maxwell, Happy Lounge Rawhides
2. Thayer McDougle, Pilsner InnDecisives
3. Guy Argo, Smoke & Rumors
4. Tim Potter, Route 101 Nomads

Bernie King Memorial

1. JM Reasonda, Route 101 Nomads
2. Skip Perry, Route 101 Nomads
3. Thayer McDougle, Pilsner InnDecisives
4. Nithin Tharakan, Clean Slate
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Hi-Lo Memorial

Sunday, June 11, 11:30 am
Family Billiards
Event page

West Coast Challenge Individual Qualifiers

Sunday, July 30, 11:30 am
Family Billiards & The Cinch
Event page

West Coast Challenge 82 (in Los Angeles)

August 24-27
Event page