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Founded in 1978, the San Francisco Pool Association (SFPA) is a nonprofit organization committed to promoting enjoyable pool competition among the patrons of sponsor establishments through the principle of Unity in Sportsmanship.

The SFPA organizes twice-yearly, 14-week, BCA-accredited Tuesday evening league seasons. SFPA league play is unhandicapped and anyone can join.


SFPA teams are comprised of 4 to 8 players and are based at bars and pool halls around San Francisco. Roughly half of each team’s matches are played at their home venue and half at other venues. Team captains are responsible for forming teams and acting as a liaison between the league and the sponsor venue.

In the regular season, teams are randomly placed into divisions. The first half of the season is comprised of divisional play, while the second half of the season features interdivisional matches between teams of equal or similar rank in different divisions. Regular season matches start at 7:30 pm on Tuesday nights and include 16 individual games.

In the playoffs, the top 16 teams by winning percentage play for the City Championship trophy and a spot in the West Coast Challenge while teams ranked 17th or above play for the Founders Cup. Playoff matches are a race to 9.

The SFPA uses a rule set based on the June 2014 revision of the BCA Pool League Rules, with a few league-specific additions and modifications.


The SFPA organizes a number of tournaments, including West Coast Challenge individual and scotch doubles qualifiers, a captain’s tournament, spring 8-ball and fall 9-ball tournaments, the Luby Invitational for new and less experienced players, and the Bernie King Memorial benefiting the American Cancer Society.

The SFPA is also one of the founding members of the West Coast Challenge, which was first contested in 1978. In this yearly three-day tournament, representatives from the Long Beach, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco pocket billiards organizations come together for friendly competition among each city’s delegation of a championship team, eight individual competitors, four women’s finalists and a Hi-Lo scotch doubles team.

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For more information, feel free to look through the SFPA Handbook or contact us.