Fall 2022 Sponsor Bars

Thanks to the following venues for hosting our league!

Blackbird 2124 Market St Map
Churchill 198 Church St Map
The Cinch Saloon 1723 Polk St Map
Connecticut Yankee 100 Connecticut St Map
Family Billiards 2807 Geary Blvd Map
Gino & Carlo 548 Green St Map
Happy Lounge 3745 Geary Blvd Map
Hole in the Wall 1369 Folsom St Map
Lone Star Saloon 1354 Harrison St Map
The Lucky Horseshoe 453 Cortland St Map
The Peaks 1316 Castro St Map
The Pilsner Inn 225 Church St Map
Route 101 1332 Van Ness St Map
Rumors 398 7th St Map
SF Eagle 398 12th St Map
Shovels 460 Larkin St Map
Slate 2925 16th St Map
The Willows 1582 Folsom St Map

(*All phone numbers have a 415 area code)