Hall of Fame

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SFPA Hall of Fame

The SFPA is grateful to the members of the Meritorious Hall of Fame for their contributions to the league:

Russ Glenn Fall 1982
Luby Pelletier Spring 1983
Ray Peterson Spring 1985
Gene Miller Spring 1987
Elliott Zalta Spring 1991
Lauren Ward Spring 1991
Rikki Streicher Fall 1991
Tim Chitwood Fall 1992
Rick Bradford Fall 1994
Richard Pearson Fall 1994
Mario Enriquez Fall 1994
Colin Bradley Spring 1996
Rick Mariani Spring 1997
Lisa Duncan Spring 1997
Dan Livingston Fall 1997
Randy Vandervort Spring 1999
Chris DuCoing Spring 2000
Lynn Westhoven Fall 2004
Tom Seymour Fall 2004
Gerlie Mendoza Fall 2006
Mark Miller Spring 2007
Owen Bubar Spring 2007
Marquita Booth Fall 2008
Marlena Fall 2009
Bernie King Fall 2010
Dave Timko Fall 2012
Thayer McDougle Spring 2014
The Pilsner Inn Spring 2014
Ray Smith Fall 2017
Skinner Arteaga
Evan Burgess
Mike Maxwell
Danny Mullan
Bob Schnatterly
Bob Simon
Stern Montoya Spring 2019