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Spring 2018

West Coast Challenge Qualifiers

1st Place Team
Route 101 Rawhides

Leif Smith and Chris Logan

Women’s Tournament
First Place – Crystal Kelem
Second Place – Fran Herman
Third Place – Joan Pettijohn
Fourth Place – Jill Cheviron

Open Individuals Tournament
First Place – Danny Mullan
Second Place – Nick Lansdown
Third Place – Skinner Castagnola-Arteaga
Fourth Place – Jesse La Fear
Fifth Place – Thayer McDougle
Sixth Place – René Denis
Seventh Place – Humberto (HJ) Gonzalez
Eighth Place – Anthony Hydron (Star Search Winner)

City Individuals
Crystal Kelem – First Place
Mike Maxwell – Second Place
Tony Tully – Third Place
Mike Romano – Fourth Place

Bernie King Memorial Tournament
Above 0.500
First Place – Mike Maxwell
Second Place – Tom Seymour
Third Place – Crystal Kelem

Below 0.500
First Place – Marcelo Aviles
Second Place – Joan Pettijohn
Third Place – Jerz Zuluaga

8-Ball Tournament
1st Place- Mike Maxwell, Route 101 Rawhides
2nd Place- Thayer McDougle, Lucky Horseshoe Caballeros
3rd Place- Tony Tully, 4 Eyed Eagle
4th Place – Nick Lansdown, Golden State Warriors

Luby Tournament
1st place – Isaac Lopez
2nd place – Julien Roeser
3rd place – Jerry Ervin

Fall 2018

Playoff brackets:
City Championships
Founders Cup Championships

9-Ball Tournament
1st Place – Crystal Kelem – Café Strikes Again
2nd Place – Mike Maxwell – Route 101 Rawhides
3rd Place – Thayer McDougle – Lucky Horseshoe Caballeros
4th Place – Nick Lansdown – Lucky Horseshoe Caballeros

City Individuals
1st place – Mike Maxwell
2nd place – Skip Perry
3rd place – Crystal Kelem
4th place – Tom Seymour

Bernie King Memorial Tournament
Above .500
Tom Seymour-Route 101 Rawhides
Skip Perry-Tandy Tokers
Mike Maxwell-Route 101 Rawhides

Below .500
Joan Pettijohn-Pilsner Innmates
Chris Kline-Cinch Phoenix
Jill Cheviron-Pilsner Penquins

Luby Tournament
1 Spencer Branson, House of Ginger
2 Nithin Tharakan, 6 Holes of Napper Tandy
3 David Norris, House of Ginger