City Individuals Championship

City Individuals Championship will be held on:
Sunday, March 8th
Tap House 175 4th St, San Francisco, CA 94103
Practice and signups begin at 11am and play begins at 11:30
Entry is $25
Random grid, Double elimination, Loser breaks
Race to 3
Open to all league members
1st Place – $250 + plaque,
2nd Place – $100
3rd Place -$75
4th Place – $50

Bernie King Memorial Charity Tournament Winners

The Bernie King Memorial Charity Tournament winners are:

.501 And Above
1st Place = Nick Callado
2nd Place = Mike Maxwell
3rd Place = Douglas Robertson

.500 And Below
1st Place = Joan Pettijohn
2nd Place = John Larkin

A total of $240.00 was raised for The American Cancer Society. Thank you to all who showed up and participated in this wonderful event!!

Captains’ Tournament Winners

The winners of the Captains’ Tournament are:

1) Skip Perry – Golden Slate Warriors

2) Thom Moyer – Cinch Phoenix

3) Evan Burgess – Palacade Caballeros

4) Leif Smith – Harry’s Hooligans

Congratulations to you all!