Spring 2022 season wrapup

Thanks to all SFPA members for completing a successful and fun Spring 2022 season! After our first season since 2019 featuring a full 14 weeks of regular season matches, we offer hearty congratulations to the following teams for their performances in the playoffs:

City Championship: Slate of the Union (1st), Eagle Pool Cleaners (2nd), Billiard Palacade Rawhides (3rd)
Founders Cup: Churchill Churchaholics (1st), Pilsner Innmates (2nd), Cinch Pack (3rd)

This is the Churchaholics’ second consecutive Founders Cup win and the fifth City Championship victory for a team sponsored by the Slate bar. We are grateful to Slate owner Patty West for her continued support of the SFPA.

We are also excited to announce that Malcolm King from Shovel This will be the recipient of the Marc Stevens Memorial Award for Most Improved Player. Great job, Malcolm!

Our next season is slated to begin on August 30. Check the interactive calendar for events happening between now and then, including the catered year-end awards party on July 26 at the Pilsner Inn and the West Coast Challenge on August 11-14 at the Hyatt Regency SFO in Burlingame.

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