The Fall 2022 season is here!

Good luck to all league members as we start a new season on August 30! Some callouts as we approach Week 1:

New rules

Earlier this summer, SFPA members voted to approve the following changes to the rules:

  • Substitutions: Team captains are no longer required to write down the names of potential substitute players on a printed sheet before the match. Anyone on the team’s roster can play as a substitute. All other rules regarding substitutions are unchanged.
  • Extensions: In the playoffs and tournaments, players are granted one 60-second extension per game. There are still no extensions in regular season Tuesday night play.

New scoresheet

We have revised the scoresheet to reduce the long wait for player A on the away team. The overall format and flow remain the same. The new document can be found in the Downloads section; if you use printed scoresheets, please throw away the old ones and print out some new copies.

Latest Handbook posted

The revised handbook, which can also be found in the Downloads section, contains the above new rules, along with some other minor changes and clarifications which are highlighted in yellow.

More exciting, the handbook now also contains an expanded Spring 2022 season summary, SFPA records, and a 40+ year history of tournament winners. Make sure to check it out!

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