Archives for 2020

Spring 2020

Captains’ Tournament
1st place = Skip Perry – Golden Slate Warriors
2nd Place = Thom Moyer – Cinch Phoenix
3rd Place = Evan Burgess – Palacade Caballeros
4th Place = Leif Smith – Harry’s Hooligans

Luby Tournament
1st Place = Paul Crouch
2nd Place = John Larkin
3rd Place = Jamie Dizon

Bernie King Memorial Charity Tournament
.500 and Below
1st Place = Joan Pettijohn
2nd Place = John Larkin

.501 and Above
1st Place = Nick Callado
2nd Place = Mike Maxwell
3rd Place = Douglas Robertson

City Individuals
1st Place = Hector Ortega
2nd Place = Ernesto Reyes
3rd Place = Diogo Martini
4th Place = Nick Lansdown

Other tournaments and playoffs canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic

Fall 2020

Season canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic