Board Elections

Ballots for Board positions will be distributed via email in a few weeks from Survey Monkey. A sample ballot will be posted to the website. Board positions up for election are:
One Member-at-Large
One Head Referee

If you want to run for any of these positions, please email and please let me know what position you would like to run for.
All current officers are running for reelection to their role.

City Individuals Championship

City Individuals Championship will be held on:
Sunday, March 8th
Tap House 175 4th St, San Francisco, CA 94103
Practice and signups begin at 11am and play begins at 11:30
Entry is $25
Random grid, Double elimination, Loser breaks
Race to 3
Open to all league members
1st Place – $250 + plaque,
2nd Place – $100
3rd Place -$75
4th Place – $50

Bernie King Memorial Charity Tournament Winners

The Bernie King Memorial Charity Tournament winners are:

.501 And Above
1st Place = Nick Callado
2nd Place = Mike Maxwell
3rd Place = Douglas Robertson

.500 And Below
1st Place = Joan Pettijohn
2nd Place = John Larkin

A total of $240.00 was raised for The American Cancer Society. Thank you to all who showed up and participated in this wonderful event!!

Captains’ Tournament Winners

The winners of the Captains’ Tournament are:

1) Skip Perry – Golden Slate Warriors

2) Thom Moyer – Cinch Phoenix

3) Evan Burgess – Palacade Caballeros

4) Leif Smith – Harry’s Hooligans

Congratulations to you all!