End of Season Individual Tournaments

Family Billiards 2807 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA

Timing - Warmup begins at 12 noon - Sign-ups close at 12:30 pm, play begins shortly afterward Eligibility - SFPA members in good standing who have played at least 25% of available regular season games Format - 8-ball - Double elimination - Alternating breaks - Race to 3 in winner's bracket - Race to 2


Playoffs: Week 6

City Championship finals round 2 (if needed)

End-of-Season Party & Awards Ceremony

The Pilsner Inn 225 Church Street, San Francisco

6 pm – Food buffet begins, vegetarian options available 7 pm – Awards ceremony 8 pm – Turkey/Three Lives shootout for a chance to win a prize!

BCA Las Vegas 2023

Playing 8+ weeks in the Fall 2022 season qualifies SFPA players for participation in the BCA Pool League World Championships in Las Vegas. More information can be found here.

Regular Season: Week 1

Link to this week on stats page: https://www.sfpapool.org/stats/week/188/

Regular Season: Week 2

Link to this week on stats page: https://www.sfpapool.org/stats/week/189/

Captain’s Tournament

The Pilsner Inn 225 Church Street, San Francisco

Who can play: One captain or other current teammate per team Format: Random grid, single game, double elimination, lag for break Cost: $20 Prizes: 1st $50 & plaque, 2nd $40, 3rd $30, 4th $20 11:30 am warmup 12 pm start Results: 1. Thayer McDougle, Pilsner InnDecisives 2. Jeffrey Smith, Route 101 Nomads 3. Paul Crouch,

Regular Season: Week 3

Link to this week on stats page: https://www.sfpapool.org/stats/week/190/