Founders Cup results

Congratulations to the following teams for their top 4 placements in the Founders Cup!

1. Connecticut’s Angels
2. Gino & Carlo Pool Boys
3. Churchill Get You Saved
4. Shovel This

Scenes from the Fall 2022 Hi-Lo Memorial

Congratulations to Buddy Giguere and Chris Logan for winning yesterday’s marathon Hi-Lo tournament!

We had 46 players show up to Family Billiards, with 23 scotch doubles teams taking over the back half of the room for most of the afternoon and night. Buddy and Chris lost only a single game on their way to the victory. The top four teams were:

1. Buddy Giguere & Chris Logan
2. Kevin DeWar & Jerry Ball
3. Jeff Smith & Estelle Mays
4. Crystal Kelem & Colin O’Hara

Thanks to Estelle Mays for sending over some pictures of the event:

Fall 2022 playoffs

Playoff time is here!

Format & eligibility

  • Unlike typical league nights, playoff matches will be played as a race to 9. Once a team reaches 9 wins, the match is over.
  • Also unlike typical league nights, only one time out is allowed per game, only the player can call a time out, and the player must designate only one teammate to participate in the time out.
  • If the shot clock is in effect, players get one 60-second extension per game.
  • Players with 25% participation are eligible to participate (14 or more games).
  • Please make sure to report scores promptly and accurately so we can schedule upcoming matches the next morning.

City Championship

The top 16 teams have qualified to compete for the City Championship. This is a double-elimination tournament with some losers bracket matches taking place on Thursday nights – make sure to look closely at the schedule.

Founders Cup

All other teams will play for the Founders Cup. This is a single-elimination tournament with a 3rd place match between the losers of the two semifinal matches.

More information

Click the Playoffs tab on the site menu for brackets and schedules. Both brackets will take a week off for Christmas. The handbook also has more in-depth information about the playoff format and history.

Good luck to all teams!

Week 14 message

Congratulations to players and teams for making it to the end of the regular season! This upcoming Tuesday we will have our traditional top-to-bottom ranked matchups in Week 14. Playoffs will begin on December 13, with the top 16 teams playing for the City Championship and teams ranked 17th-32nd playing for the Founders Cup.

The Hi-Lo memorial tournament will take place on Sunday, December 11, at Family Billiards. This is one of the most fun events of the season, featuring a scotch doubles format, a Calcutta auction with part of the proceeds going to the SFPA, and cash prizes for the winning teams and auction bidders. We look forward to seeing you there!