Letter from the President: Mid-season update

Good day Pool Players,

Tonight is our 7th week, meaning we are halfway through our regular season. We hope you are having a spectacular time on the tables. Remember, players must play at least 14 games to be eligible for playoffs.

So this seemed like an opportune time to share some important information with you.

Board update

Troy Brunet, one of our Members-at-Large recently resigned from the Board of Directors. Troy has served on our Board for 10 years and has been a pivotal and important member. He has taken a leadership role in fundraising for the league and for many West Coast Challenges. We are grateful for his work and for his commitment to the league and for his open and honest voice in the group. He will be missed. We have appointed Yuko Takahashi from ‘Gino Got Felt’ to this position. She will serve until we run the election in the spring.

Speaking of elections, our fall election will be run for VP, Treasurer, one Member-at-Large and one Co-Head Referee. Please let me or any Board member know if you intend to run for any of these positions.

T-shirt design contest

In the more distant past, the winner of the t-shirt design contest received free dues for the following season. The Board has decided to return to this practice so the winner of the t-shirt contest for this season of 9-ball will get free dues for the spring season. The designs must be camera ready for us to use them.

The web site

If you haven’t had a chance to explore our website it is well worth the time. Of course we have current statistics, a calendar and location of games, but we also have a lot of other information. Skip has researched our history and that section of the website has past tournament winners as well as a vault of articles from our league’s history. Jerry Ball and Mark Miller are working on a written chronicle of SFPA league history which will be fascinating and which we will share with you.

BCA update

SFPA is part of Cue Sports International which is a governing body for the BCA leagues. They also sponsor the annual tournament in Las Vegas. Their website is https://www.playcsipool.com/. We want to let you know that our league has paid $20 per member to CSI for us to be a part of the BCA leagues. Scores are submitted every week and are updated through the League Management System. This means that each of you can play in Vegas and all have a rating on FargoRate. If you want to see your ranking, get the FargoRate app to check.

Finally, we want to express our gratitude to our amazing sponsor bars (tip your bartenders well please) and to our captains who work hard to support the passing on of information and to all of our members who are the foundation of the league.

Warmest regards,

Tournament schedule posted

We are excited to announce that SFPA’s major tournaments will be contested this season at the beloved Family Billiards. Thanks are owed to Hall of Famer Tom Seymour and Family owner Delbert Wong for their hard work in helping Joan finalize the logistics.

Please check the Tournaments tab or the interactive calendar for more information about dates and times. We also encourage you to support Family Billiards with your attendance and financial support as they work to emerge from the pandemic.

9-ball qualifiers will be taking place throughout the month of October, starting this Saturday at the Cinch. Two players from each qualifier will advance to the finals on October 30.

Luby results

Congratulations to the following players who finished in the top 4 in the Luby last weekend:

1. Billy Tzeng, Gino & Carlo Pool Boys
2. Jessie Manuel, Churchill Get You Saved
3. Korvin Bothwell, Churchill Strokers
4. Micky Sharif, Churchill Strokers

Luby Invitational

This weekend we are delighted to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Luby Invitational tournament. The Luby, as it is familiarly known, was created in the Fall 1997 season to honor Luby Pelletier, who helped found the SFPA league and was well known for his emphasis on teaching new players and bringing them into the game of pool.

New league members and players with a season record of .500 or below for the past 2 seasons are invited to play in the event. It is unique for its collegial atmosphere and the encouragement of coaching by more experienced players, many of whom attend each season to give advice and cheer on the participants. Participation is free for eligible players.

Warmup begins at the Cinch at 11:30 am on Saturday September 24th, with play beginning at 12 noon. Please click on the calendar link for more information about the format and logistics.

Captain’s tournament results

Congratulations to the top finishers in the captain’s tournament:

1. Thayer McDougle, Sneaky Peaks
2. Jeff Smith, Route 101 Dalmatians
3. Nithin Tharakan, Slate Silver Sparkles
4. Kevin DeWar, Smoke & Rumors

This is Thayer’s 6th captain’s tournament victory and 14th overall SFPA tournament win. Great job, Thayer!