Election Results

Congratulations to all those re-elected to the SFPA Board:

President – Max Schroeder
Co-Head Referee – Stern Montoya
Secretary – Joan Pettijohn
Member-At-Large – Troy Brunet

Results for Best Host Bar, and the Jim Tingle Sportsmanship Award will be forthcoming.


8-Ball Tournament

8-Ball Tournament Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 8-Ball Tournament:

Mike Maxwell- Route 101 Rawhides
Thayer McDougle – Lucky Horseshoe Caballeros
Tony Tully – 4 Eyed Eagle
Nick Lansdown – Golden Slate Warriors

Luby Invitational Tournament Winners

Congratulations to the Winners of Luby Invitational Tournament

Isaac Wong – First Place
Julien Roeser – Second Place
Jerry Ervin – Third Place

Thanks to all who came out to play. Thanks, also, to Stern, Crystal and Thayer for coaching.


** West Coast Challenge 76 Results **

Congratulations to the winners of the 76th West Coast Challenge in Long Beach on January 5-7, 2018.

** Team **
“Brook’s Team” (SD)
Brook Thomason, Captain
Nicolas Downey
Tom H. Downey, Jr.
Teofilo Moe, Jr.
Rob Molina
Tommy Punzalan

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Bernie King Memorial Tournament Winners

.500 & Below
1st Place – Gerlie Mendoza — Pilsner Penguins
2nd Place – Leif Smith — Hole in the Wall Howlers
3rd Place – Max Schroeder — Lucky Bastards

Over .500
1st Place – Mike Maxwell — Route 101 Rawhides
2nd Place – Tom Seymour — Route 101 Rawhides
3rd Place – Victor Ramos — Cafe Ballbusters

A BIG thank you to Jillian’s for hosting the tournament. $350 was raised for the American Cancer Society in the name of Bernie King!

Luby Invitational Tournament Winners

1st Place – Mark Sorensen — Hole in the Wall Bangers
2nd Place – Estelle Mays — The Cinch Pack
3rd Place – Jocelyn Angeles — Smoke & Rumors

A special thanks to Tom Seymour for the fond memories of Luby and to Bob Schnatterly, Stern Montoya, Max Schroeder and Crystal Kelem for providing unbiased, unlimited coaching for the afternoon.

Captains’ Tournament Winners

1st Place – Thayer McDougle — Lucky Horseshoe Caballeros
2nd Place – Ray Smith — Pilsner Innmates
3rd Place – Erik Proctor — Cafe Cafaholics
4th Place – Mike Maxwell — Route 101 Rawhides

Thank you to Pilsner Inn for hosting!