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Unofficial Results


No scoresheet results available
*The above results have been submitted, but they are not yet verified.

HTIDHome TeamATIDAway TeamSubmitted
1064Café Cafaholics1099Rocks Den Slam DrunksNot submitted
1065Café Strikes Again1073Mixing in ActionNot submitted
1067Cinch Phoenix1078Hole in the Wall HowlersNot submitted
1069Cinchsationals1100Sea Star NihilistsNot submitted
1070Eagle's Nest1085Stud's StudsNot submitted
1072Lone Star Bear-Ballers1094Whomping WillowsNot submitted
1074MixyCans1063Café BallbustersNot submitted
1075Pilsner Innmates1098Lone Star LonghornsNot submitted
1077Hole in the Wall Bangers1079The Wicked Bitches of the WestNot submitted
1080Lucky Bastards1068Cinch You're Down ThereNot submitted
1082The Pack Route 1011081Lucky BreakNot submitted
1084Stud Collective1066Café 2 for 1'sNot submitted
1086Billiard Palacade Ballers1087Lucky HorseshoeNot submitted
1088Lucky Horseshoe Caballeros1093Golden Slate WarriorsNot submitted
1089Stranger Than Mission1083Route 101 RawhidesNot submitted
1091Smoke & Rumors1076Pilsner PenguinsNot submitted
1092Clean Slate1090Rumors Never DieNot submitted
1095The Black Willows10714 Eyed EagleNot submitted
1097Naked Lunch Shot Callers1101The Blind CatsNot submitted
1102Blind Cat 6 Holes1096Naked Lunch Nice Rack!Not submitted
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