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Weekly Play Schedule
Spring 2018 Stats are current for week: 6
Displaying: All Divisions
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DivTeamOpponentHTIDHome TeamATIDAway Team
IHole in the Wall Bangersat Hole in the Wall Howlers1153Hole in the Wall Howlers1152Hole in the Wall Bangers
ILucky Horseshoeat Lucky Horseshoe Caballeros1161Lucky Horseshoe Caballeros1160Lucky Horseshoe
INaked Lunch Shot Callersvs Naked Lunch Nice Rack!1170Naked Lunch Shot Callers1169Naked Lunch Nice Rack!
IPilsner Innmatesvs Pilsner Penguins1151Pilsner Innmates1150Pilsner Penguins
IStud Shootersat Stud Muffins1159Stud Muffins1158Stud Shooters
IThe Cinch Packvs Cinch Phoenix1167The Cinch Pack1144Cinch Phoenix
IICinch Phoenixat The Cinch Pack1167The Cinch Pack1144Cinch Phoenix
IIHole in the Wall Howlersvs Hole in the Wall Bangers1153Hole in the Wall Howlers1152Hole in the Wall Bangers
IILucky Horseshoe Caballerosvs Lucky Horseshoe1161Lucky Horseshoe Caballeros1160Lucky Horseshoe
IINaked Lunch Nice Rack!at Naked Lunch Shot Callers1170Naked Lunch Shot Callers1169Naked Lunch Nice Rack!
IIPilsner Penguinsat Pilsner Innmates1151Pilsner Innmates1150Pilsner Penguins
IIStud Muffinsvs Stud Shooters1159Stud Muffins1158Stud Shooters
IIICafé Cafaholicsat Café 2 for 1's1143Café 2 for 1's1141Café Cafaholics
IIIDovre and Outat Rocks Den Slam Drunks1171Rocks Den Slam Drunks1174Dovre and Out
IIIGolden Slate Warriorsvs Clean Slate1166Golden Slate Warriors1165Clean Slate
IIILucky Breakvs Mixing in Action1155Lucky Break1149Mixing in Action
IIIRumors Never Dieat Smoke & Rumors1163Smoke & Rumors1164Rumors Never Die
IIIThe Black Willowsvs GRIMM C-301156The Black Willows1168GRIMM C-30
IVCafé 2 for 1'svs Café Cafaholics1143Café 2 for 1's1141Café Cafaholics
IVClean Slateat Golden Slate Warriors1166Golden Slate Warriors1165Clean Slate
IVGRIMM C-30at The Black Willows1156The Black Willows1168GRIMM C-30
IVMixing in Actionat Lucky Break1155Lucky Break1149Mixing in Action
IVRocks Den Slam Drunksvs Dovre and Out1171Rocks Den Slam Drunks1174Dovre and Out
IVSmoke & Rumorsvs Rumors Never Die1163Smoke & Rumors1164Rumors Never Die
V6 Holes of Napper Tandyvs Tandy Tokers11736 Holes of Napper Tandy1172Tandy Tokers
VCafé Ballbustersat Café Strikes Again1142Café Strikes Again1140Café Ballbusters
VCinchsationalsat Cinch You're Down There1145Cinch You're Down There1146Cinchsationals
VHarry's Humdingersvs 4 Eyed Eagle1175Harry's Humdingers11474 Eyed Eagle
VRoute 101 Rawhidesvs Stranger Than Mission1157Route 101 Rawhides1162Stranger Than Mission
VThe Wicked Bitches of the Westat Lone Star Longhorns1148Lone Star Longhorns1154The Wicked Bitches of the West
VI4 Eyed Eagleat Harry's Humdingers1175Harry's Humdingers11474 Eyed Eagle
VICafé Strikes Againvs Café Ballbusters1142Café Strikes Again1140Café Ballbusters
VICinch You're Down Therevs Cinchsationals1145Cinch You're Down There1146Cinchsationals
VILone Star Longhornsvs The Wicked Bitches of the West1148Lone Star Longhorns1154The Wicked Bitches of the West
VIStranger Than Missionat Route 101 Rawhides1157Route 101 Rawhides1162Stranger Than Mission
VITandy Tokersat 6 Holes of Napper Tandy11736 Holes of Napper Tandy1172Tandy Tokers

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