Bernie King tournament – new format

This season we are experimenting with a new format for the Bernie King memorial tournament, which raises money twice a year for the American Cancer Society.

Rather than have one bracket for players with a season winning percentage above .500 and another for players below .500, we will have a single bracket and use Fargo ratings to set up handicapped matches.

If the players are evenly matched, we will have the usual race to 3. However, for each 75-point difference, the lower-rated player will need to win one fewer game. For example, if Player A has a rating of 500 and Player B has a rating of 425, Player A will need 3 games to win while Player B will only need 2 games to win. If Player A competes against Player C with a rating of 350, Player C will only need to win 1 game to advance!

You can view your rating on the FargoRate iPhone/Android app or by clicking through to the Player List in the FargoRate League Management System.

We look forward to seeing you at Family Billiards. Full information can be found on the event page.

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