Spring 2024 playoffs

Playoff time is here!


Format & eligibility

  • Players with 25% participation are eligible to participate (14 or more games).
  • Unlike typical league nights, playoff matches will be played as a race to 9. Once a team reaches 9 wins, the match is over.
  • Also unlike typical league nights, only one time out is allowed per game, only the player at the table can call a time out, and the player at the table must designate a single teammate to participate in the time out.
  • If a match is tied 8-8 after 16 games, each captain chooses a player to compete in the tiebreaking game. Players in the 17th game lag for the break.
  • If the shot clock is in effect, players get one 60-second extension per game.

We ask captains to report scores promptly and accurately so we can schedule upcoming matches the next morning.

City Championship

The top 16 teams have qualified to compete for the City Championship. This is a double-elimination tournament with some losers bracket matches taking place on Thursday nights – please make sure to look closely at the schedule.

The winning team will earn a trip to San Diego for West Coast Challenge 83.

Founders Cup

All other teams will play for the Founders Cup. This is a single-elimination tournament with a 3rd place consolation match. Some teams will have byes in the first week.

More information

Click the Playoffs tab on the site menu for brackets and schedules. The handbook also has more in-depth information about the playoff format and history.

Good luck to all teams!

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