Spring 2023 season in the books!

A series of congratulations are in order as we close out the Spring 2023 season and look forward to West Coast Challenge 82 in Burbank.

City Championship

The Pilsner InnDecisives roared back from the losers’ bracket to take down the title and the WCC bid. This is a historic season for the Pilsner Inn, one of the league’s staunchest supporters and sponsors, as it earns the City Championship team plaque for the first time. Congratulations are also in order to the Family Irish Brigade, Route 101 Nomads, and Happy Lounge Rawhides for appearances in the top 4.

Founders Cup

Gino e Carlo Uniti took down the single-elimination Founders Cup title, paying off their #1 seed. Longstanding team Rumors Never Die overperformed its #15 seed to earn the runner-up slot, followed by Cinch You’re Down There and Wrecking Balls.

WCC individual qualifiers

Across four qualifiers at Family Billiards and the Cinch, 30 players put their hats in the ring for spots in the West Coast Challenge. Guy Argo, Will Shaheen, Finn Macdonald, and Crystal Kelem emerged victorious, and they will be joined by eight other players as individual SFPA representatives at WCC 82. We will announce the final delegation at the season-ending awards party on August 15.

Awards party: August 15, Pilsner Inn, 6:00 pm

We look forward to seeing all league members at the end of season party and awards ceremony, which will feature dinner, awards, and a turkey shoot for free dues. Full details can be found here.

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